thai massage

Thai Massage

The combination of physical, mental & psychological therapy is what sets traditional Thai massage apart. Acupressure deals with alleviating various physical ailments by working on pressure points.

Herbal Ball Masage

Herbal Ball Massage

Herbal massage is a special blend of herbs that are collected, tied into a ball. The cloth is then steamed so healing and soothing properties of the herbs intensified as it’s rubbed on with oil.

hot stone massage

Hot Stone Massage

A Hot Stone massage offers some relaxing time for your mind and does wonders in releasing muscular tension. Relieve stress, improves health problems such as Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, and Hypertension.

Lomi lomi

Lomi Lomi

A soothing nurturing massage, using fluid & rhythmic motion, much like ocean waves across your body, works with your body’s natural energy flow. Long, sweeping full-body strokes & forearm pressure.

4 Handed Massage

4 Handed Massage

Four-handed massage is a massage where two therapists work on you at the same time, mirroring each others’ movements. For example, both your legs or arms are being massaged at the same time.

reflexology Foot massage

Reflexology Foot Massage

Pressure is placed to specific areas on the feet, incorporated with Swedish massage. Great for headaches, digestion, arthritis, sleep, hormonal imbalance, depression, pain, nervous system and toxins.

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